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Vicki’s Dream Takes You on a Wild, Post-apocalyptic Musical Journey With “Morbid” 

"Vicki’s Dream boasts a diverse yet unique creative vision and has quickly established itself as an exciting act. Blending punk, goth, and metal influences, Vicki's Dream has forged a signature “post-apocalyptic” sound that has captivated listeners, enveloping them in expansive soundscapes and transporting them to a world teetering on the edge of chaos. In “Morbid,” Vicki’s Dream has created a visual and audible experience that fans of the punk, goth, and metal aesthetic can't be missed. Whenever you’re…

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BuzzSlayers Vickis Dream Album Review  

“Their self-titled album Vickis Dream, is an undertaking that demands your attention with driven riffs and hard-hitting vocals. Vickis Dream talks about our protagonist's dreams and life experiences and challenges you to think. With driven and moody music in the background, what more could you want?” - Staff, BuzzSlayers (Mar 19, 2023)

LITN (Lost In The Nordics) Check out this new album from Vickis Dream, stream “Vickis Dream” here 

“Next up, “Deja Vu” sounds even more sinister, mixing cutting edge metal guitar, a crazy funked up bass, and punkish, almost thrash metal drum action. So far, this band reminds me of a mesh between Jane’s Addiction, White Zombie, Black Flag, maybe the Cramps, The Bauhaus and other early goth/punk bands mentioned before. Quite a ride so far! On a side note, I was happy to hear some great ride cymbal sounds from the drummer. Next is “Morbid” which was described before, has a sound and style that’s very…

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The Sounds Won't Stop Vickis Dream Album Review  

“Vandal Hearts” is a sudden blast of punk rock fire. Throbbing drums, sizzling power chords and chants from a chorus of men serve as a backdrop to scorching female vocals. The raw energy of this track really brings this band’s character — Vicki — to life. It definitely feels as if we, the listeners, are traversing an apocalyptic landscape with her. And yet, there’s a vibrancy to the darkness; it’s electrifying music, but it isn’t always sinister. It’s music that makes you want to move your body. There’s a…

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Pitch Perfect Vickis Dream Album Review  

“The band arrives in full on their song entitled “Deja Vu.” I would say this band shreds in a major way in the first minute. The music was interesting. It was more punk oriented than I expected, especially with the anthemic vocal chants. The band sounds tight and definitely dips into many different genres. I have to give it up to the guitarist for absolutely slaying the guitar solo. There are some other different vocal approaches and the vocalist sounds like the lead singer from The B-52's. There’s also a…

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Voyage ATL Interview  

"We're hell-bent on taking over the world through our music and spreading a positive yet spooky message while doing it. We are most proud of all the music we make and building a strong cohesive artistic community among both fellow musicians and fans." - Vickis Dream

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