LITN (Lost In The Nordics) Check out this new album from Vickis Dream, stream “Vickis Dream” here

“Next up, “Deja Vu” sounds even more sinister, mixing cutting edge metal guitar, a crazy funked up bass, and punkish, almost thrash metal drum action. So far, this band reminds me of a mesh between Jane’s Addiction, White Zombie, Black Flag, maybe the Cramps, The Bauhaus and other early goth/punk bands mentioned before. Quite a ride so far! On a side note, I was happy to hear some great ride cymbal sounds from the drummer. Next is “Morbid” which was described before, has a sound and style that’s very classic. I would say the band reminds me of Blondie, Missing Persons, early Cure, Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus. Next is “Wendigo” which for those who don’t know, is a mythical creature that originated from folklore stories of the First Nations of the Plains and Great Lakes region of America. Musically, the band pulls back on the dark, punk stuff just a bit, and takes on a more hard rock edge to this track.”- Maddie M, LITN (Mar 16, 2023)

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